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Leadership Coaching

Organisations can be tough places to navigate. You hope that your talents will be seen and appreciated, you’ll have trusting relationships with your colleagues, a space to flourish and the opportunity to make a positive difference.


All too often the reality is different: feeling unappreciated, little influence yet overloaded by unrealistic targets and expectations, plus a lack of mutually respectful relationships.


Collaborating with others is hard!  It takes energy and commitment to create a positive work culture. Coaching can help you become a better leader: courageous, empathetic, inclusive and self-aware.

Clients I’ve worked with
Liz’s coaching put a solid floor under me as a leader

Hannah Lownsbrough, Executive Director, SumOfUs

I provide a structured, reflective space where you can reconnect with what is important to you, make sense of the conflicting pressures you are under and get clarity about the right action to take.


Described as a “nurturing accountability relationship”, clients report feeling greater clarity, sense of purpose, motivation, confidence and self belief after working with me.

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Benefits for leaders and organisations

I can help you

  • Work out what type of leader you want to be

  • Hit the ground running in a new role

  • Overcome impostor syndrome and find the courage to pursue the big idea you’ve been putting off

  • Understand how to navigate organisational politics and get your key stakeholders on side

  • Get your colleagues on board with your vision

  • Take your team performance to the next level

Insightful Guide

Why me

  • Accredited Analytic – Network Coach

  • Member of the Association for Coaching

  • Over 15 years’ experience as a coach

  • Trained in Transpersonal Coaching (Performance Consultants Inc), Somatic Coaching (Thomas Crum Associates) and Transformational Coaching (Nicholas Janni – Core Presence)

  • Highly experienced team mediator

  • Coached at senior levels in business, professions, government, charities and NGOs

  • Qualified Psychotherapist (BACP Registered)

Leaders and aspiring leaders often seek out coaching at these key transition points in their career:

  • Going for promotion
  • Newly promoted to a more senior role and wanting help to make a success of it
  • Already senior and seeking to be reenergised
  • Transitioning out of an organisational role into a portfolio career.

I see the client for 90 minute sessions each month for at least 6 months.


The line manager or Chair will be the sponsor of the programme – involved in setting coaching goals and evaluating progress.


Although the organisation sponsors the coaching, the content of our conversations stays confidential between coaching client and coach.

I work best with clients who are dynamic, action-oriented and values-led and who want structured reflection time so they can become more strategic in their actions.


You may be suffering from impostor syndrome. I’ll help you find solid ground – self awareness and self belief that will stand you in good stead for many years to come.

Liz helped me to adapt to leading a department of 2000 people with responsibility for raising 40% of UK tax revenues. She is supportive and responsive to individual needs, but also highly focussed so that we got excellent value out of each session. 
Judith Knott CBE
Director of Large Business Tax, HMRC
Liz’s skilful facilitation of our sessions ensured that discussions flowed easily while staying focused. Her energy, insights and encouragement were invaluable.
Nicole Langlois
Chancery barrister, 24 Old Buildings
Liz combines the analytical and strategic skills of a lawyer with originality and openness to new ideas. She understands the reality of being a 21st century lawyer or businesswoman without assuming that this entails selling one’s soul.
Rosalind McInnes
Principal Solicitor, BBC Scotland
Liz’s coaching put a solid floor underneath me as a leader. This nurturing accountability relationship enabled me to leave a strong legacy: a senior leadership team who can lead the organisation when I move on.
Hannah Lownsbrough
Executive Director, SumOfUs
Liz makes you want to overcome any doubts and ensure that you make your rightful contribution to the world.
Gillian Charlesworth
Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs RICS
I sought out Liz as a coach because I felt I had lost my mojo and didn’t know where I was going. She quickly understood of who I am and how I operate and flexed her style to create an approach that worked for me. I’m now moving confidently towards the future.
Karen Robb
Partner and Head of VAT, Grant Thornton