Behind the persona

About Me

So, you’ve seen my credentials, client list and testimonials – who am I behind all of that? I believe you’re entitled to know who you’ll be working with: what makes me tick, what I care about and how I’ve walked the path that I’ll be taking you on.


The bottom line: we live on a beautiful planet and we humans need to learn how to get on with each other and understand our place in the wider circle of life. My deep love for nature drives everything that I do.

The Legal Years

I started my career as a commercial lawyer in London in the 80s. Power dressing was all the rage and my shoulder pads were so large I could barely get through the front door on my first day. Armouring up for work was the unquestioned norm.

Discovering Chi Kung

As an antidote to law I became a practitioner of Chi Kung – a gentle martial art/movement meditation similar to Tai Chi. I was blown away by how much more calm, grounded, spacious and resourceful I felt when practising Chi Kung regularly. I could not have sustained 10 years in the law without it.

The Big Leap – leaving law to start my mediation business

After 10 years of law I was disillusioned with fighting in court. I seized the opportunity to retrain as a mediator and took a leap of faith to abandon my legal career to become a full time mediator.  The risk paid off.

Humanistic Psychology and Coaching

Hanging on to a job I’d outgrown had masked a deeper dissatisfaction with my path so I sought out psychotherapy. This led to training as a psychotherapist myself – what I was learning in the therapy world was massively useful to leaders, so I expanded my business to include coaching.

African Wilderness Immersion

A transformative retreat in the South African Wilderness – travelling on foot and sleeping in the open under the African stars whilst surrounded by wild animals was a major turning point. This visceral experience of our oneness with nature has stayed with me ever since and inspired me to put nature first in all I do.

Speaker coaching

Spreading the word about mediation had propelled me into being a speaker. When a client asked me to coach them for a big pitch I discovered that what I’d learnt on my own journey as a speaker was invaluable to others – I had a knack for bringing out the best in them.


Women's Leadership: Purpose Power Presence

It was clear to me that women’s voices needed to be heard in decision-making – we needed more seats at the top table. I co-founded Purpose Power Presence with Hetty Einzig to support and encourage women leaders.