Springing forth

Posted on: March 21, 2023

Happy Spring Equinox!

 This is the day when the light and dark are of equal length, and from tomorrow onwards, the days are increasingly longer than the nights.

We’re moving out of the hibernatory, inward phase of the year into the action-oriented, “doing” part of the year. Of course, you might feel you’ve been “doing” since 2nd January – and modern organisational life can demand that of us. Yet, if you have some flexibility to tune into the seasons this is a particularly good time of year to be launching projects and putting stuff out in the world.

The animal that symbolises this time in Spring is the hare. I was amazed to learn that hares have the ability to conceive whilst already pregnant – quite the metaphor for fertility and abundance.

If you’re limiting your creativity in some way – rationing your ideas and keeping them under a bushel – then take inspiration from the hare and let your ideas flow freely. Now is a time of fertility, the best time to sow innovative seeds – so take those ideas you’ve been mulling during the winter and start to share them. Arrange a coffee to run it by a colleague/client/collaborator, write a blog post – put it out there.

Let me know what ideas you’re forming – I’m always delighted to hear from you.