Women’s Leadership – Services

What I offer

One to one Executive Coaching: focussed attention over a number of sessions to help you clarify your purpose, identify your unique strengths and overcome obstacles on the path.  These can be held either face to face or by Skype.

Masterclasses: group coaching sessions on key themes such as:

  • Presentation Skills and Personal Impact
  • Managing Key Relationships
  • Leading and Inspiring Teams
  • Personal Resilience

Peer Co-Mentoring groups: I can help you set up ongoing peer co-mentoring groups with other women where you provide support and constructive challenge to each other.

Senior Leader Retreats and Offsites: I facilitate events for teams where you can strengthen your shared purpose, reinvigorate your team and deepen your trust in each other.

I have particular experience of working with women in the law, plus other professions and businesses.