Women’s Leadership

Are you a woman who wants to make a difference, not just earn a living?

Are you facing any of the following challenges…..?

  • I’m successful but it comes at a high price. How can I achieve results with greater ease?
  • What is the best use of my talents at this stage of my career?
  • I’m so busy I have no time to reflect.  I’m concerned the “urgent” is driving out the “important”.
  • I’m a good communicator but I can’t afford to be complacent. How can I improve?

I can help you answer these questions so that you and your business shine and make a difference in the world.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges and enlightened businesswomen have the opportunity to be part of the solution. We need women in positions of power in significant numbers, having a voice in the culture and direction of organisations.

For you this might mean influencing your team or organisation to adopt fresh values or a new strategy, or branching out to a new business. You have a unique contribution to make and it can take time and reflection to uncover what this is.

Yet you may be holding yourself back from your full potential through self-doubt or lack of space to reflect.  You will benefit hugely from support on your path, rather than trying to go it alone.

I offer individual and group coaching (described as “both practical and very motivating”) to help you attain and make the best use of a position of influence, so that you can make a difference.

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