How singing in a choir can make you a better leader

December 21, 2017

I’ll never forget my choir’s first flash mob. I was sitting in an Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by romantic couples, with a friend I had tricked into thinking he was just coming out for dinner. Little did he know that the opening bars of Love Shack were my cue to stand up and belt […]

Is it OK to cry at work?

July 21, 2017

I was brought up to think that crying at work is completely taboo and I’d lose all credibility if I let my emotions get the better of me. When I was working as a City lawyer in a global law firm sometimes I’d escape to the loo to have a private weep. Indeed, I remember […]

Opportunity Dances With Those on the Dance Floor

February 6, 2017

Liz Rivers, who specialises in coaching women, describes how you can help your women clients to become confident risk-takers. An article published in Coaching Perspectives, The Association for Coaching global magazine, Issue 12, January 2017 According to Harvard Business Review women when under pressure become more risk-averse than usual, whereas men will increase their risk-taking. […]

Women and Leadership: How to be More Like Michelle (Obama) and Less Like Donald

December 20, 2016

I’ve always admired Michelle Obama for her combination of warmth, intelligence, groundedness and courage. If you love her too the good news is that you can channel your Inner Michelle to be an influential woman and make a positive difference. I speak and coach all over Europe and the UK and here’s something I see […]

How Aston Martin are putting women at the heart of their business strategy – interview with CEO Andy Palmer

December 16, 2016

I was recently invited to be on the judging panel for the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Award alongside Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin. I was impressed by what he told me about how Aston Martin are making women central to their strategy and asked if I could interview him for my readers. I was […]

What you can learn from Grayson Perry about being yourself

December 13, 2016

The other week I had the good fortune to meet leading British artist (and notable transvestite) Grayson Perry, at a talk he gave on mental health for social enterprise Talk for Health. He came dressed as Clare, his transvestite alter ego, and spoke very candidly about his difficult childhood (his father left when he was […]

Developing Women Leaders Through Leadership Embodiment

November 9, 2016

Women’s leadership coach Liz Rivers finds working directly with the body is one of the most powerful ways to enable women to become confident, inclusive, visionary leaders. An article published in Coaching Perspectives, The Association for Coaching global magazine, Issue 11, October 2016 My own journey with somatic work started when I was a young […]

How to handle a difficult conversation gracefully

November 9, 2016

Are you putting off a tricky conversation with a colleague that you know you need to have – but are dreading? I recently heard that the 3 main things that cause people stress at work are: lack of time technology, and other people! Learning how to handle challenging conversations gracefully is one of the most […]

When to STAY in your comfort zone: lessons from my meeting with TED speaker Susan Cain

October 6, 2016

“You need to get out of your comfort zone”. How often do you get told that by well meaning colleagues?  Frankly, it’s become a cliche. Of course you need to stretch yourself to develop, but maybe there are times when you need to stay IN your comfort zone? I recently met TED speaker and bestselling […]

Men championing women in the computer games industry – my interview with Dave Parkinson of Sony Interactive Entertainment

September 13, 2016

The games industry is full of geeky boys in their bedrooms playing violent games, right? That’s what I used to think. In fact, women now make up 50% of games players, the games industry is bigger than the film industry and computer games, if used well, are a fantastic educational tool. So, rather than just […]

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