Pause to reflect and celebrate – the power of the autumn equinox

September 24, 2019

Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox, the day when the light and dark are of exactly equal length, poised for a moment in perfect balance before the nights lengthen and we head towards the inward, reflective time of year. It’s a powerful moment to take stock of the year so far before moving into the autumn. How are […]

Summer Solstice – a key to wellbeing and productivity

June 26, 2019

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  Although the summer has barely got going in the UK, it’s still worth pausing to mark this significant day in the year when the light is at its zenith. A favourite summer solstice memory is the year I was in the […]

Make your brilliant ideas happen

April 16, 2019

This weekend I was clearing out some old files in my office, Marie Kondo style, and I was shocked to see just how many projects I’d started and never completed – ideas for books, business collaborations with colleagues, workshop ideas I’d never launched etc. I’d started each one with excitement and high hopes yet they had run […]

The hidden power of taking a pause

February 7, 2019

When I was a City lawyer I frequently felt like a battery hen, laying my 7 “billable hours” each day.  The pressures of a workplace that required relentless productivity took their toll and after 10 years I left to set up my own business, where I had the freedom to set the pace for myself […]

Escape the Wasteland – how to energise your career by taking successful risks

November 23, 2018

It was a hot August bank holiday Monday in London in 1996 and I was stuck in the office of my City law firm. The air conditioning was blasting out chilly air and the hermetically sealed windows cut me off from the blazing sunshine outside. I was sealed in. Why wasn’t I outdoors enjoying the sunshine […]

Speaking at the House of Commons: 6 tips for high stakes presenting

July 9, 2018

Late one Friday afternoon at the end of a busy week, just as I was thinking of wrapping up and pouring a glass of wine, the telephone rang. I was sorely tempted to ignore it, but some sixth sense kicked in and I decided to take just one last call. ‘Hello,’ I said, somewhat lacksadaisically.  […]

How to be more TED and less Tigger – How to Be the Best Speaker You Can Be

May 25, 2018

TED talks have become the gold standard for public speaking – powerful, touching and authentic. You’ve probably got a favourite talk – Brene Brown on The Power of Vulnerability or maybe Simon Sinek’s Start With Your Why? With TEDx events being run in every major city its now even easier to claim your 18 minutes of […]

Are you a “Rescuer”? When helping doesn’t help

April 16, 2018

Jane is a typical coaching client of mine – early 40s, middle management role and looking to progress to a senior role in the next couple of years. She has 3 kids and she’s the main family earner. Her team at work find her very supportive but her peers tell her she needs to push […]

Are you suffering from “Tiara Syndrome”?

March 26, 2018

Professional women negotiate every day and when negotiating for others – whether clients or team members –  research shows that women do just as well as men.  But when it comes to negotiating for ourselves, it’s a different story. A study by Carnegie Mellon University showed that 57% of men negotiated to improve the terms of […]

And what does your father do…?

February 14, 2018

Walking through the vast, opulent lobby of a global law firm in the City I was stopped in my tracks by a huge noticeboard entitled “Allen & Out”, encouraging staff to champion their LGBT colleagues. The firm were promoting LGBT awareness as part of a diversity and inclusion initiative. So what? You may ask. Why […]

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