“Powerful speaking is not a talent – it is a skill”

Are you very good at your job technically, but when it comes to speaking at formal presentations, meetings or networking events, feel you do not do yourself justice? Are you concerned that you are less noticed as a result?

Or maybe you have talented members of your team that fall into this category?  You can see how good they are, but are frustrated that clients and colleagues underrate them because of their communication style.

To thrive in your career it is essential that you know how to speak up in a way that is compelling, so that others listen to and act on what you have to say.  The bar is rising all the time and no-one can afford to be complacent. You can’t get away with being boring!

By developing an engaging way of expressing yourself and learning how to make the most of it when you are the focus of attention, you will:

  • Win and retain more business or funding
  • Become sought out for your opinion on major decisions
  • Massively improve your ability to get promoted
  • Inspire your team to be outstanding

I offer:

One-to-one coaching to help you prepare for that key presentation, interview or meeting

Group Masterclasses in how to dramatically improve your personal impact.

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